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  • Tom Richard
    Sales Meetings: Let Your Staff Do the Work and Get the Results You Want!
      Are YOU as frustrated with your sales meetings as your sales staff is?
      You fill the agenda with administrative crap, a bunch of whining and some pseudo-motivational words you picked up from somewhere. You give your staff a budget update and some suggestions on how to improve sales in the week ahead.
      What about your sales staff? What are THEY doing?。。。
    16Tom Richard V12 Years AgoTom Richard
  • Robert Corter
    3 Ways to Ensure You Get 2013 Christmas Toys That You Want
      There are a lot of different ways that you can ensure that everyone in your family has the perfect holiday season, and one of the main ways to get this moving forward is through the search and procurement of the best possible gifts. Finding the 2013 Christmas toys that are going to rock this season can seem like a daun。。。
    3Robert Corter V12 Years AgoRobert Corter
  • Geraldine Jensen
    Making Sales Online
      Location, Location. Location
      Studies show that placing links within text often helpsensure that they will be seen by the reader
      Studies show readers look at a page in a somewhat of a "Z".They tend to start at the upper right hand corner then movetowards the center and then across to the left. Place links inthe this "read area。。。
    4Geraldine Jensen V12 Years AgoGeraldine Jensen
  • Robert Corter
    The Allure and Prestige of Getting Your Own Super Bowl Rings
      Millions of football fans across the world are getting ready for the next season. Players are training, coaches are studying, and many fans just can’t wait to get their hands on tickets to the next season. If you are one of the many fans that are just waiting to go to the stadium, or turn the television on Sunday。。。
    8Robert Corter V12 Years AgoRobert Corter
  • Alan Boyer
    The KYSS Principle--Keep Your Sales Simple, Your Sales ClosesWill Explode
      The simpler you make the decision making steps for yourprospects the higher your sales close ratio will go. When thereare too many decisions people will procrastinate.
      *Reduce sales decisions to the simplest, most linear steps tothe close that you can. *Keep the decisions to one at a time. *Have a clear offer *Have a clear, step by step path to theclose with only one decision to 。。。
    12Alan Boyer V12 Years AgoAlan Boyer
  • Tessa Stowe
      Ask questions. Ask questions. Ask questions. In case you didn't get this, ask questions! Asking questions is one of the most powerful keys to successful selling. It really is. So, why should you ask questions?
      Ask questions to find out if you can help/serve your potential client. By asking questions, you'll be able to find out if your solution will help them at this point in time. It may be the right time and then a。。。
    8Tessa Stowe V12 Years AgoTessa Stowe
  • Kirstin Carey
    How to Sell to the Devil's Advocate
      There is a car commercial running were a husband is sitting in a car with the salesperson. The wife is standing outside the vehicle looking in on her husband, but unable to hear the conversation inside. Though the husband has a "I'm beating up the sales guy for the best deal" look on his face, he'。。。
    9Kirstin Carey V12 Years AgoKirstin Carey
  • Dr Gary S Goodman
    Salespeople: Are You Playing Moneyball By Measuring What Really Counts?
      揗oneyball" is a book that came out recently about Billy Beane, General Manager of the Oakland A抯.
      It takes a close look at Beane抯 successful stewardship of the team, noting that the A抯 have had one of the lowest payrolls in baseball, yet they抳e racked up an astonishing number of victories, putting them in the p。。。
    8Dr Gary S Goodman V12 Years AgoDr Gary S Goodman
  • Halstatt Pires
    The Effective Use of Business Lead Databases
      Business lead databases are an incredible resource for any business wanting to generate clients. Leads are the life source of almost every successful business. Without leads you have no customers and without customers you have no sales, no referrals, and definitely no income.
      Business lead databases are essentially a huge resource of business leads. They are websites or companies that have a list of businesses categorized into industry sector. Decent business databases will be updated o。。。
    7Halstatt Pires V12 Years AgoHalstatt Pires
  • Joe Love
    Increase Your Sales By Putting A Referral System In Place
      Most businesses spend all of their time, effort, and money on conventional marketing. By conventional marketing I mean marketing by direct mail, display advertising, radio and television, and the Internet. A far more cost-effective way of marketing which will produce many times more results is developing a formalized r。。。
    5Joe Love V12 Years AgoJoe Love
  • Valerian Dinca
    Beat Your Competition Just Being the Same
      I think I have your agreement to say that two people aren't exactly the same. More or less, they must look differently, think differently, love different things and so on. Following this way of thinking, it's simply not possible for two business to be the same. They will serve different clients' needs as。。。
    5Valerian Dinca V12 Years AgoValerian Dinca
  • Robert Reed
    Thirteen Tips to Selling More Successfully as a Trusted SalesProfessional
      Do you want to sell more successfully using an honorable andstraightforward approach? Read these thirteen sales tips to helpyou be perceived as a trusted sales professional by buyers.Incorporating these sales tips into your selling process willdifferentiate you from the rest and help you sell moresuccessfully.
      1. Attitude can be everything. It is important to remember thatyour attitudes drive all actions and these actions are perceivedby buyers as trust-building or trust-breaking. The mostimportant change you can make to。。。
    12Robert Reed V12 Years AgoRobert Reed
  • Matt Bacak
    Harness The Sales Power Of Emails
      Given the fact that email is the single most widely usedapplication on the web it follows naturally that email marketingis also the most powerful online marketing tool. In a 2004survey by DoubleClick a whopping 88% of consumers said that theyhad made an online or offline purchase as a consequence ofreceiving an online 。。。
    3Matt Bacak V12 Years AgoMatt Bacak
  • Greg Beverly
    Sales Success Tips for 2006
      If there is one thing that I could pass along to you to aid you in reaching your potential, it would be for you to take decisive, massive action. Do that which you have been saying for weeks or months, or even years, that you need to do, but have been putting off for whatever reason. They are not really reasons...they 。。。
    7Greg Beverly V12 Years AgoGreg Beverly
  • Dennis Handa
    The Eleven Attributes of a Great Salesperson or Top Producer!
      1. They believe in themselves.
      Good sales people visualize themselves as being successful.
      They truly expect the deals to go their way. This confidence seeps into all they say
      and do and it is catching.
      Customers respond to optimism and high energy. When you抮e in the run for good
      money, the highs are high and the lows are low.。。。
    8Dennis Handa V12 Years AgoDennis Handa
  • Sean Goudeloc
    Duty Free Depot: Best Cigarette Deal Online
      There are many reasons why more and more people are purchasing their tobacco products online. One reason is that because purchasing cigarettes online is a lot cheaper and another is that it is more convenient. Today, there are many sites offering cheap cigarettes online and the new arising problem is how to spot the go。。。
    5Sean Goudeloc V12 Years AgoSean Goudeloc
  • Murtuza Abbas
    5 Step Online Profit Report to Pump Up MORE Sales, Profits &Leads
      If you want to cash more dollars with increase sales, then thismight be the most important letter you'll ever read.
      If you want your website visitors to order your product day inday out, then I urge you to read this article -- immediately.
      If you're sick and tired of getting low sales and profits evenafter putting in all the time and efforts, then here's good news.。。。
    7Murtuza Abbas V12 Years AgoMurtuza Abbas
  • Henry Hill
    Looking to Save Money When Shopping Online? Use Discount Cod
      SmartGuy is that online shop where you can find a large collection of Scandinavian fashion for men and boys. Shopping online has been made cheaper by the low prices combined with the use of coupon codes such as the discount codes SmartGuy. At SmartGuy, you will have access to different styles and brands such as casual 。。。
    5Henry Hill V12 Years AgoHenry Hill
  • Steve Faber
    How to Make Sure You Sell More!
      Make sure you target women. It抯 true for almost anything you are selling. According to Women Mean Business: The Secret to Selling to Women, eighty percent of all checks written in the US are written by women and they purchase 80-% of all consumer goods in the U.S. That抯 not a market segment you can afford to ignore. Ev。。。
    2Steve Faber V12 Years AgoSteve Faber
  • Don McNamara
    When Selling - Upgrade Our Terms, Upgrade Our Image
      Professional speaker Brian Tracy has an expression that is timeless. It is "everything counts." And in the world of professional selling, everything does count, including our use of terms and language.
      Curb Thy Tongue, Nave
      How many of us in the past have heard ourselves say "Here抯 my sales pitch" or "Mr. Customer is it time to make a deal?" or "Is it time to sign the contract?".。。。
    11Don McNamara V12 Years AgoDon McNamara