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  • Valerie Garner
    Funky, Fun Garden Plants
      I have a love for funky, fun and unique garden plants. Here'sone to try. It's called Sea Holly, and it's actually in thethistle family.
      Sea Holly is a perennial garden plant, which means you plant itonce and it comes up year after year, somewhat depending on yourclimate.
      This plant never did fail to bring attention and comments frompeople seeing my garden. It grows about 3-4 feet high, verybranchy and the branches are a brilliant electric blue color.It's stunning!。。。
    8Valerie Garner V12 Years AgoValerie Garner
  • Caroline Smith
    Which Scrapbook Paper? Creative Ideas To Enhance Your Pages
      Scrapbook paper can be used in a number of different ways to add creative touches to your pages and enhance your photos. Displaying your photographs in scrapbook albums is a great way to preserve your treasured memories for posterity, and scrapbooks you've made yourself make wonderful keepsakes. To make sure your 。。。
    3Caroline Smith V12 Years AgoCaroline Smith
  • Mantius Cazaubon
    Tips on buying used pianos.
      It is true that used pianos are sometimes better than new ones.The 1920 were marked by pianos of the highest quality. But aword of caution must be sounded. Before buying a used piano,seek the advice of a professional technician, or buy from areputable piano dealer. There's often a fine line between a gooddeal and 。。。
    4Mantius Cazaubon V12 Years AgoMantius Cazaubon
  • Donovan Baldwin
    9 Tips For Saving On Fuel Costs
      Copyright 2006 Donovan Baldwin
      Except for the selection of the car itself, most tips on savingfuel will not save that much by themselves on a day-to-daybasis. However, combining several tips with time can result insignificant weekly, monthly, an。。。
    9Donovan Baldwin V12 Years AgoDonovan Baldwin
  • Charles Kassotis
    Sew Your Stressors Away
      Do you like to sew? Perhaps you tried crocheting as a child butnever liked it. It could be that Aunt Grace tried to teach youhow to hem handkerchiefs but you never caught on. Or thatlopsided afghan throw lying crumpled on the sofa might be yourfirst and last foray into the land of knitting needles. But evenif you have 。。。
    4Charles Kassotis V12 Years AgoCharles Kassotis
  • Rex Ryan
    How to Make a Gift Basket
      Gift Baskets are an ideal gift for nearly any occasion. Giftbaskets provide a convenient way to find a gift for practicallyany occasion, but they also provide an avenue for creative andpersonalized gift giving. Making gift baskets is fun and easy,and homemade gift baskets generally prove to be superior,personalized gif。。。
    4Rex Ryan V12 Years AgoRex Ryan
  • Alice Stacy
    How to Make a Christmas Wreath
      One of the great joys of Christmas, is doing things together.That includes everything from shopping and wrapping gifts, tocutting a tree, baking goodies, and making your own specialdecorations, like wreaths.
      Even the children can help gather fir tips, and with a littlehelp from parents, and some simple accessories like bows, bells,candy canes and berries from a discount store, they have greatpresents for aunts, uncles,。。。
    7Alice Stacy V12 Years AgoAlice Stacy
  • Peter Lenkefi
    Chromatic Harmonica
      The chromatic harmonica has a button on the side which allowsyou to play the normal major scale, and with the buttondepressed, gives you all the half steps or notes in between.
      This allows you to play any scale, in any key, but you can'tbend notes very well on this instrument so you don't get thesame "bluesy" sound as on the diatonic.。。。
    2Peter Lenkefi V12 Years AgoPeter Lenkefi
  • Ken Wilson
    Pool Tables - Fun For The Whole Family
      Did you know that the first pool tables made an appearance innineteenth century horse racing betting- poolrooms? Strange buttrue...though at that time the game was known as Billiards andtables were put up there for people to kill time between races.Because the game was set up in 'pool rooms', it was eventuall。。。
    3Ken Wilson V12 Years AgoKen Wilson
  • Jakob Jelling
    Recording at night
      There is some info you should know regarding recording at nightbefore actually shooting a video in dark night conditions.Recording at night does not involve the same requirements thanrecording during daylight, and might actually become a bigobstacle unless you have foreseen a way of solving thedifficulties that this fa。。。
    3Jakob Jelling V12 Years AgoJakob Jelling
  • Tamara Williams
      Guitars are music instruments that are very versatile; mostmusicians around the entire world use them because they find aguitar to be very easy to play.
      They are also the most commonly chosen instrument for a studentto start playing their way into music, mostly because it takesvery little time to learn how to play it, and of course becauseit is not rare to be able 。。。
    2Tamara Williams V12 Years AgoTamara Williams
  • Cyn Pagliolo
    Leaving Legacies through Scrapbooking
      Leaving Legacies through Scrapbooking Written by Cyn D Pagliolo
      Scrapbooking is more than just a picture album; it's a way totell your story through photographs and journaling. You may notrealize it but your scrapbook is a legacy left for those whofollow you. What is a leg。。。
    6Cyn Pagliolo V12 Years AgoCyn Pagliolo
  • Steve Gillman
    Money Making Hobbies
      Which ones can be money making hobbies? A friend made alife-sized cow out of plywood once. He painted it, put it in theyard, and people started asing if he would sell it. He soon hada waiting list of customers for his plywood cows. With a profitof about fifty dollars each, he wasn't getting rich, but isn'tmak。。。
    3Steve Gillman V12 Years AgoSteve Gillman
  • Ralph Serpe
    Oil Painting Supplies - Guide For Beginners
      When I first began painting some 10 years ago, I remember my first trip to my local art supply store. I recall my feeling of utter confusion as I perused the aisles. This particular art store had every tube of paint, brush, medium and canvas known to man, far too many choices for a confused beginner. After several mome。。。
    8Ralph Serpe V12 Years AgoRalph Serpe
  • Dakota Caudilla
    Fashion Doll Collecting
      So many fashion dolls to choose from For doll collectors whohave a liking for fashion, collecting fashion dolls seem like alogical option as a hobby. And there are so many different typesof fashion dolls out there in the market that it抯 easy to getconfused. There are large toddler-sized fashion dolls, there areteddy be。。。
    2Dakota Caudilla V12 Years AgoDakota Caudilla
  • James Monahan
    A Man with Wings: The Classification and Brief History ofAircrafts
      By definition, an aircraft is a structure capable of carryingits weight and travel through air by the means of support fromits own buoyancy or the dynamic action of the air against itssurfaces. Aircrafts have been of great interest to anyonebecause man has always been fascinated with flying. With thisgreat desire to so。。。
    7James Monahan V12 Years AgoJames Monahan
  • Nick Stubbs
    Amateur Wedding Photographers...
      Since I have been surfing the net over the past few years, Ihave come across many, many photography sites, some excellentand some appalling. The danger is that when a "photographer"with a new website, is simply someone having just taken up thehobby, bought an overly expensive camera and maybe stumbledacross a。。。
    6Nick Stubbs V12 Years AgoNick Stubbs
  • J Winter
    Buying Pop Art Paintings
      Contrary to popular belief Pop Art actually started in the UK inthe 1950's and not in the USA in the 1960's as most peopleassume. One phrase espoused by art historians which fairlydescribes the origins of modern pop art is that pop art was bornin England and grew up in America . Now aged well over 50, thegood。。。
    7J Winter V12 Years AgoJ Winter
  • Gregg Hall
    Jonesing for the new Xbox 360?
      Sooner rather then later gamers like you and I will get a chanceto see Xbox 360 up close and personal at retailers nationwide.
      In some surprising news Microsoft is planning to deliver Xbox360 demo kiosks to retailers across North America as early asOctober 24th.
      Although the Xbox 360 console doesn't launch until November22nd, Microsoft intends to get the console out to the publicearly with these demo Kiosks. Be sure to check your localretailers the week of October 24t。。。
    3Gregg Hall V12 Years AgoGregg Hall
  • James Monahan
    Pottery Is The Eyes Of The Beholder
      In the days of ancient Egypt, when the pharaohs rule the Nileand Osiris lorded over them, and before the age of the Maoistcommunism in China way back in the age of great dynasties anddivided kingdoms there was one distinct craft that wasconsidered the toast of kings and queens.
      In those times the streets are filled and lined up with allsorts of creations by different master that acclaim forthemselves the right to be called "master potter."。。。
    6James Monahan V12 Years AgoJames Monahan