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  • Jeff OBrien
    Golf Basics - Learn To Turn
      One of the biggest challenges for beginning golfers and an areaof constant attention for low handicap golfers as well asprofessionals is consistency in their swing. For someone justbeginning to learn and apply the mechanics of the golf swing,one of the most important concepts to get on the right trackwith right from th。。。
    4Jeff OBrien V11 Years AgoJeff OBrien
  • Aron Wallad
    Unusual Baseball Statistics
      Statistics - I love 慹m
      I have been fascinated by some of the statistics that have beenamassed by some of the major leaguers. Viewing some playersnumbers has amazed me. My Baseball memorabilia are these amazingstats.
      Here are a few achievements I thought might interest you.
      Rogers Hornsby From 1921 to 1925 he batted 2679 times - He hitsafely 1078 times And averaged .402 during this five year run.Not too shabby。。。
    3Aron Wallad V12 Years AgoAron Wallad
  • Neil Stafford
    Junior Soccer Defending - Directing the Play
      Copyright Junior Soccer Coach 2004
      Do your players know whether to show an opponent inside oroutside when they are defending?
      You may want to consider this tactic when coaching yourplayers. There are two schools of thought on this; One saysthat your defenders should show the opponents outsidetowards the touchline.。。。
    4Neil Stafford V12 Years AgoNeil Stafford
  • Chuck Evans
    When Everything Else Fails!
      The ability to hit a particular shot when under pressure.
      It doesn't matter what type of shot it is but every player MUST have this ability if they want to improve and stop the "bleeding"! I was lucky enough to have spent time with the late Gardner Dickinso。。。
    4Chuck Evans V12 Years AgoChuck Evans
  • Patrick Francey
    Ice Skating... Getting The Competitive Advantage
      Speaking in general terms, if you play a sport, you are inclined to seek a competitive advantage. The desire to win, compete, excel, challenge, and improve are just a few of the underlying reasons that a sport is played. Golf is a great example of a sport that sparks the desire to seek a competitive advantage. Purchasi。。。
    5Patrick Francey V12 Years AgoPatrick Francey
  • Bill Edrington
    Fly Fishing The Arkansas River
      One of the finest attributes of the Arkansas River is itsaccessibility. Roughly 60% has public access and most of it iswell marked along major highways. Traveling south fromLeadville, you will pick up the river at the Highway 24 Bridge.This marks the beginning of over five miles of the Hayden Lease.The river here is a 。。。
    5Bill Edrington V12 Years AgoBill Edrington
  • Michael Russell
    Bowling - Money Leagues
      If you enjoy the game of bowling and want to earn a few bucks playing it in the process, but not quite good enough to go pro, you may want to consider joining what is called a money league.
      As a kid growing up, if you bowled in leagues, you bowled in non money leagues. Here, the bowlers bowled only for trophies and patches. This was a great way for a kid to get some experience competing against othe。。。
    5Michael Russell V12 Years AgoMichael Russell
  • Tony Farrell
    Muscle and Fitness -- The First Key To Achieving Your Goals
      Lets discuss what I term as 'Muscle and Fitness -- The First Key'
      In a previous article, I went through the 'Three Keys To Success' in any muscle and fitness regime that you use.
      Remember -- 'BE - DO - HAVE'?
      If you missed this article, you can get it here...Fitness Goal
      If you've read it, here's just a very quick overview of what it was about:。。。
    11Tony Farrell V12 Years AgoTony Farrell
  • George Gabriel
    Golf Course Management
      Playing a good round of golf comes with a lot of good golf course management. Sure it is great to know how to have a great golf swing, but if you haven抰 got course management, then you haven抰 got a game plan.
      Have you ever noticed a professional golfer standing beside their caddie in a discussion about the next golf shot at hand? You can rest assured that they were not talking about Larry King live, unless he was in the。。。
    5George Gabriel V12 Years AgoGeorge Gabriel
  • Abhishek Choudhari
    Cricket : A Gentelmen's Game!
      Cricket was invented in the vast fields of England, supposedlyby sheperds who herded their flock.Later on this game was shownbenovalency by aristrocrats, and now has the strature of beingEnglands national game. Aft。。。
  • Simon Dewhurst
    Ski Clothes Shops - Useful Notes For Beginners
      Ski clothes and skiing accessories today are governed by one major factor - functionality. This is state of the art ski wear in all the colours under the rainbow, influenced in the main by snowboarders who were trying to get away from the bright colours of the early nineties. They wanted to dress down in muted colours,。。。
    6Simon Dewhurst V12 Years AgoSimon Dewhurst
  • Trish Haill
    Horse Riding Exercises
      Every horse riding exercise is based on the circle exercise. Circles help the horse to be able to bend equally in each direction, and this also helps the horse maintain straightness.
      Circles are a very important part of any dressage test - a dressage test at all levels will include combinations of circles of varying sizes, at different paces and in different parts of the arena.。。。
    6Trish Haill V12 Years AgoTrish Haill
  • Sayantan Chakravarty
    Super Bats
      Statistics will tell only a part of the story. What they won抰 is how admiring moms and doting daughters will put off their high-heeled afternoon waltz in shopping malls to watch two young men of India weave dreams with their bats. Statistics will never spell how calm men in their mid-70s will pump their fists in the ai。。。
  • Mike Singh
    Fly Fishing Vacations - Top Spots Around The World
      Looking for the best fly fishing spots in the world? If you areplanning on traveling the world looking for the best place tothrow your line, then look no further. There are some placesthat just cannot be beaten for their quality fishingexperiences. Here are some. If you can, get there and enjoy thegame. Nothing beats t。。。
    2Mike Singh V12 Years AgoMike Singh
  • Mike Pedersen
    How The Risk Of 'Golfer Elbow Injury' Can Be Reduced
      A golfer elbow injury has got to be one of the most dreaded injuries on any golf course.
      And it is not too difficult to figure out why. To begin with a golfer elbow injury will usually take a long time to heal properly and quite often recurs shortly after a golfer gets back to the course. Golfer elbow 。。。
    4Mike Pedersen V12 Years AgoMike Pedersen
  • Larry Ness
    Ness Notes (Feb 6)
      While it could hardly be considered SUPER, another Super Bowl isin the books, as the Steelers beat the Seahawks on Sunday,21-10. For the 26th time in 40 all-time Super bowls, the gamewas decided by 10 points or more and the Steelers' 'cover' as afour-point favorite, ended a streak of four consecutivepoin。。。
    10Larry Ness V12 Years AgoLarry Ness
  • Rose Anne
    Things You Need To Know About Golf Bags
      Do you like playing golf? For some people, learning a simplegolf swing for best results golf is a great relaxing activity.There are many different small things that must come together inorder to achieve the maximum distance in playing golf. The firststep that you must take in order to prepare for a great swing isto hav。。。
    5Rose Anne V12 Years AgoRose Anne
  • JordanDunham
    College Football: The Complete History
      The very first university football game was played between Princeton and Rutgers on November 6th, 1869 at New Brunswick in New Jersey. There were different things between the game played that day and the games we watch today. In the early days of college football, the football was round and the field 120 yards long and。。。
    6JordanDunham V12 Years AgoJordanDunham
  • Johnny McKenzie
    Good Customized Ice Hockey Jerseys For NHL Fans
      All of you that are crazy about the NHL and ice hockey listen upfor a while. You know there are some NHL authentic hockeyjerseys out there that you'd love to own in real life, but ifyou had to, you'd settle for some cheap NHL replica hockeyjerseys that are detailed enough to be taken for a real one.
      Since your favorite league is the National Hockey League, a NHLmodel it's got to be, obviously. If this is the case, then youneed to rely on a professional jersey builder to create a custommodel of your favori。。。
    5Johnny McKenzie V12 Years AgoJohnny McKenzie
  • David Pincus
    LA Clippers Overshadowing the LA Lakers?
      Of all things the things that remain constant in the NBA, the truest is that the Clippers are always terrible. It took Larry Brown and Dominique Wilkins just to get them a winning record, and even then they were bad. The Clippers in their 26-yr existence have never won a playoff game. All that could change this year.
      The one that抯 always been true with the Clippers is they skew young. For example the longest tenured LA Clipper ever remains Eric Piatkowski. In the off-season, the Clippers signed Sam Cassell, Cuttino Mobley and H。。。
    5David Pincus V12 Years AgoDavid Pincus