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  • Jakob Jelling
    Wreck diving in Thistlegorm
      Thislegorm is among the top ten dives of the world and maybeoccupies the first place in wreck diving. It is so amazing thatdivers need to dive many times and observe its different areasonce a time in order to completely explore it. This amazingwreck is one of the most recommendable places to visit by thosewho love havi。。。
    4Jakob Jelling V12 Years AgoJakob Jelling
  • Mike Pedersen
    Golf Exercise And Fitness And Why You Can No Longer Ingnore It
      No golfer can afford to ignore golf exercise and fitness programs which have become part and parcel of the modern golf game.
      There are actually several reasons why it is good idea to pay attention to golf exercise and fitness.
      The era of golf exercise and fitness, as well as golf-specific conditioning programs were ushered in by golfers like Tiger Woods and Annika Sorendstam for the women.。。。
    7Mike Pedersen V12 Years AgoMike Pedersen
  • Derek Eastman Co Author of the new book Positive
    Aikido: The Derek Eastman Sensei Biography: Part Three
      Part Three:
      Q-DW: With all the years of hard training and instruction goingup through the kyu grades what was the final path to your firstdan ?
      A-SE: I was always fortunate that not only did I receivepersonal instruction and guidance directly from Sensei Williamsand my own Sensei, and all the dan grades previously mentioned.I also think that being assistan。。。
  • Linda Cullum
    Sailing: Multihulls-Catamarans andTrimarans
      History -The catamaran is one of the oldest types of craftknown. The word Catamaran has its origin in Malayan language --Catu (to tie) and Maran ( log). Early Polynesians would lash twolarge canoes together and sail a whole village's worth peoplefrom one village to another, which usually meant sailing fromone isla。。。
    6Linda Cullum V12 Years AgoLinda Cullum
  • Jim Green
    Golfdust - Impact Indicator Training
      It has happened to all of us. Your game is going pretty well, when out of nowhere you start shanking balls every which direction. The more you chase the problem the worse it gets. No matter what you try to do you can抰 seem to get the problem sorted out. Obviously, you aren抰 making square contact with the ball, but how 。。。
    3Jim Green V12 Years AgoJim Green
  • Harold Lederer
    Binoculars--As Good As They Can Be
      If your hunting go quits shooting straightaway, with 100yard groups having deteriorated from 1 inch to four or five, you'd return remedial actions-such as cleaning the bore, checking the telescopic sight and mounts, and checking the bedding. And, if wholly else failed, you'd likely issue it to a gunsmith. A s。。。
    6Harold Lederer V12 Years AgoHarold Lederer
  • Tim
    Woods withdraws from Nissan Open with flu
      LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Tiger Woods withdrew from the Nissan Open onSaturday because of the flu, the first time in his pro career hehas failed to finish a tournament for health reasons.
      Woods, one of several players who has been sick all week,narrowly made the cut Friday despite bogeys on his final twoholes for a 74. He was 11 shots out of the lead, and was to playwith big-hitting rookie J.B. Holm。。。
    2Tim V12 Years AgoTim
  • Dr Gary S Goodman
    Sox Play Like Rooks, Not Champs
      Dropping their fourth straight game, and second in a row where they led Kansas City, the Chicago White Sox have already forgotten what it means to be World Series Champions.
      They抮e playing erratically, like rookies.
      Yesterday, they blew a first inning, five-to-zip lead, by keeping starter Garland in way beyond his effectiveness.。。。
    2Dr Gary S Goodman V12 Years AgoDr Gary S Goodman
  • Steven Gillman
    Ten Wilderness Survival Backpacking Tips
      Why should you learn wilderness survival skills just for backpacking? They may save your life someday, and for ultralight enthusiasts like myself, skills replace gear, and therefore weight. The best reason, however, may be that it's just a good feeling to know you can deal with whatever comes up. It makes you feel。。。
    6Steven Gillman V12 Years AgoSteven Gillman
  • Peter Leigh
    Protect Your Eyes With Biking Sunglasses
      If you like riding your motorcycle or enjoy biking in general, you will really benefit from wearing biking sunglasses. Not only do the biking sunglasses protect your eyes from the sun and make it easier for you to see, but these sunglasses made for cycling or motorcycling also protect you from the wind and bits of dirt。。。
    5Peter Leigh V12 Years AgoPeter Leigh
  • Mike CliffordHeartlandOutdoorsmanCom
    Confessions of a Stream Angler
      A HeartlandOutdoorsman.com Production.....(Leave this intact as it is considered permission to reproduce)
      The routine hadn't changed much in the last 30 years or so. A typical Saturday morning would find Frank Malone rising well before sunrise. Today would be no different. As he sat on the edge of his bed wiping t。。。
  • Jill Woods
    Basketball player McElwain an example for humanity
      The autistic basketball player Jason McElwain is a current student at Greece High School located in Rochester, New York. He recently became a basketball star when his coach Jim Johnson allowed him to play in the team抯 last game of the year.
      McElwain took his chance and scored 20 points during four minutes, he missed two shots on the first minute, but it seems it made him stronger as Jason hit six straight 3-pointers and another baske, in the remaining。。。
    2Jill Woods V12 Years AgoJill Woods
  • Susan Hill
    Integrate Dynamic Stretching Into Your Pre-Round Routine
      Flexibility has been singled out as one of the most important components of the golf swing. Any time you have tight muscles your body responds in restricted movement. So, optimal flexibility becomes the key to freedom of movement in the swing. Any time you can enhance your flexibility, you have the potential to lengthe。。。
    5Susan Hill V12 Years AgoSusan Hill
  • Mike Schim
    Baseball Pitcher Warm-Up and Stretching
      Pitching a baseball game begins long before you even step ontothe pitching mound. It is important to prepare both physicallyand mentally for pitching in a game. Below are some mental andphysical steps you can do to prepare for pitching on the day ofthe big baseball game.
      When you wake up in the morning, begin mentally visualizing yourpitching experience. Start imagining how your pitching will bethat day. While taking your morning shower, think about how youwant your pitching strate。。。
    7Mike Schim V12 Years AgoMike Schim
  • Deb Andersen
    Citizen dive watch - large selection, fantastic prices!
      The Citizen dive watch is is the most sought after dive watch on the Net. In October 03, this watch was searched for 1432 times in Overture, Casio 149 times and Sieko 0. That should tell you something right there.
      The feature that brings a premium to this dive watch is the Eco-Drive feature. There are no batteries to change which could compromise the integrity of the watch for water resistance if a non-qualified person shoul。。。
    3Deb Andersen V12 Years AgoDeb Andersen
  • William Savage
    Ralph Waldo Emerson and Horsemanship
      English Lit was not high among my favorite classes in high school but I thoroughly enjoyed the essays of Ralph Waldo Emerson. I always intended to have a book of those essays for my own and after many ( many, many) years of procrastination I bought his book of essays not long ago.
      I enjoy them as much now as I did then.。。。
    10William Savage V12 Years AgoWilliam Savage
  • John Purdy
    Basic Paintball Gear Needed
      The biggest concern while playing paintball is the safety and security of the players. Wearing the proper paintball gear will help to ensure that nobody will become injured while playing this fast-paced sport. Without a doubt, the use of air-pressured guns can be very dangerous if a person is not wearing appropriate sa。。。
    7John Purdy V12 Years AgoJohn Purdy
  • J Brian Keith
    A Good Golf Bag is important
      Few things are more important to a golfer than a good golf bag. First off, golf bags come in many styles and a wide variety of colors. You can choose a bag for style, features or pick a color to match your mood.
      Some have legs that fold out when they are placed on the ground and stand upright so the golfer doesn聮t have to bend down and pick it up. That聮s a nice feature in golf bags, especially if the golfer tends to walk t。。。
    4J Brian Keith V12 Years AgoJ Brian Keith
  • Matt Fargo
    Sony Open in Hawaii Preview
      Sony Open in Hawaii Waialae Country Club, Honolulu, Hawaii
      Vijay Singh will look to defend his 2005 Sony Open Championshipa week after losing to Stuart Appleby in a playoff at theMercedes Championships. This is the first tournament of theseason with a full field but there 。。。
    9Matt Fargo V12 Years AgoMatt Fargo
  • Kevin Marshall
    What is fantasy football and how do you play?
      Fantasy football is growing more and more popular by the second.It seems like everywhere you look you see another ad for afantasy football related product or service and everyone istalking about this great game. But what is fantasy football, andmore importantly, how do you play?
      At the most basic level, fantasy football is a statistic-basedgame. You select real-world NFL players that will make up yourfantasy team roster and score points based on how they performin real-world NFL games. If 。。。
    10Kevin Marshall V12 Years AgoKevin Marshall