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  • Phyllis Staff, PhD
    10 Things You Must Do If You Want To Guarantee You Won't Find AJob
      What an experience! I've spent the last month looking for sales
      professionals with some astonishing results. I have distilled my
      favorites in the following "top ten" list. Use any of them to
      make unquestionably certain you won't find a job. 1. Don't
      bother to read my ad carefully. After all, I didn't list those。。。
  • Mike Bradley
    How to Safely Buy a Diamond Online - Part 1 of 3
      It is now possible to save 40% to 60% by purchasing a diamondengagement ring from an online diamond retailer, rather thanfrom a bricks-n-mortar High Street jeweller. Online diamondretailers don't have retail shops, sales staff, large diamondinventories and other associated operating expenses and aretherefore able 。。。
    6Mike Bradley V12 Years AgoMike Bradley
  • Dr Linda Miles
    It is always about me, isn't it?
      A characteristic of childhood thinking is the child's assumptionthat whatever happens "is all about me." The tendency ofchildren to blame themselves for their parents' difficultiescauses them great pain, and if this kind of "it's all about me"thinking persists into adulthood, it can d。。。
    6Dr Linda Miles V12 Years AgoDr Linda Miles
  • Gregory Ashton
    5 Things You Should Know Before You Sign A Contract
      Security from any fraud and unscrupulous activities should be aserious concern for anyone who is into sales, lease, jobs, orany kind of services that entail certain provisionary agreementand settlement.
      Whether a party is a first time or an expert person, theindustry and the services that go with it presents the concernedperson with risks and challenges that you cannot underestimate.Every time that a person is eng。。。
    8Gregory Ashton V12 Years AgoGregory Ashton
  • Glory Borgeson
    How to Use (and Not Confuse) Your Intuition
      Have you ever had an intuition about a person or
      a situation? When the thought came to you, did
      you file it away or brush it aside? Later on,
      did it prove to be true?
      Many brilliant business ideas have been based on
      someone's intuition. When Fred Smith was in college,。。。
    5Glory Borgeson V12 Years AgoGlory Borgeson
  • Maya Talisman Frost
    Mindfulness and Multiple Intelligences: 8 Ways to Pay Attention
      How are you smart?
      Let me count the ways.
      Harvard professor Howard Gardner was the first to describe the concept of Multiple Intelligences. According to this widely-accepted theory, we are each born with a certain amount of intelligence in each of eight ar。。。
  • Eva Gregory
    Are You Being Heard?
      Let's start with first things first. I submit that we, the sender of the message, must take responsibility for clear communication. We are in the place of choice. We choose the words, the medium, often even the timing of our communication. When I take responsibility for communicating clearly, I relieve you of the 。。。
    5Eva Gregory V12 Years AgoEva Gregory
  • Mike Davison
    Just Say No, or Yes
      In my work as a Psychologist and executive consultant I have found that many individuals have difficulty setting limits for themselves. In counseling we often refer to this as setting boundaries. Healthy boundaries are absolutely essential in maintaining good interpersonal relationships. Possessing set boundaries eq。。。
    4Mike Davison V12 Years AgoMike Davison
  • Ed Hutchison
    Women Bring New Strengths to Leadership
      Women leaders tend to be more assertive, persuasive, willing to take risks and have a stronger need to get things done than their male counterparts, according to a new study jointly conducted by Caliper www.calipercorp.com a Princeton-based management consulting firm, which has assessed the potential of more than two m。。。
    8Ed Hutchison V12 Years AgoEd Hutchison
  • Peter Lim
    A Gift Of Immense Value - Buying A Tag Heuer Sports Watch For ALoved One
      When my son who was on vacation from college telephoned me longdistance and said he would like to visit me to get some help toaccompany him to select and purchase a Tag Heuer Sports Watch, Iwas not at all surprised. After all, Tag Heuer Sport Watches arewell known for their quality and value.
      So three days later, we headed off to the Watta Time Watch Shopand was greeted by the Sales Supervisor.。。。
    8Peter Lim V12 Years AgoPeter Lim
  • Julie Jordan Scott
    In a Row or Becoming a Wall?
      There is a phenomenon that never ceases to amaze me. I have
      observed it many times with countless individuals, businesses,
      teachers, churches, non profits and may occur in any setting
      where individuals or groups have a vision. A vision for
      something grand and glorious. A vision that will have an amazing
      impact in their lives and the lives of others. Then what。。。
  • Jason Johns
    Why You Need A Mentor
      Years ago, I decided I wanted to play the guitar. Keen and eager, I rushed out and bought a guitar, amplifier, effects pedals and a few books. I got it all home, plugged it all in and then made a noise that sounded like a herd of cats all caterwauling out of tune.
      After some days and weeks of struggling and irritating my family I decided that I needed to learn properly. The best way to learn properly is to get someone who is already an expert to teach you.。。。
    7Jason Johns V12 Years AgoJason Johns
  • Tama Kieves
    Think Twice Before You're Nice
      A few months back I had a disturbing dream. In my dream a woman with stringy blonde hair rang my bell. She asked if she could come in. I didn't want to open the door. But I felt guilty about my reaction. So I let her in. She pulled out a hand gun and shot me. I woke with a start and a racing heart. I clutched my p。。。
    2Tama Kieves V12 Years AgoTama Kieves
  • Kunbi Korostensky
    Finding Love and Affinity in The Throes of A Change
      When potential clients call me to inquire about coaching for their various life changes, I find myself asking them to tell me where they are right then. This helps me get a good sensing of how connected they are with their inner self and emotions.
      A few who are able to say precisely where they are emotionally tell me they are ready to move on but feel stuck. Others are not sure that they are able to let go at all. While again some people simply don't kn。。。
    6Kunbi Korostensky V12 Years AgoKunbi Korostensky
  • Rick Yost
    The Art of Forgiving
      Have you ever sat down on a big rock by a flowing stream, hung
      your head and cried like a baby? Me neither but hey the days not
      over yet! Sometimes in life we get hit hard and fast. Maybe by a
      friend, a lover, spouse, neighbor or just a complete stranger.
      When that event does take place, it hurts, hurts so bad we see
      red. Our chests feel like a heavy weight has been dropped on it,。。。
    6Rick Yost V12 Years AgoRick Yost
  • Gail Hornback
    Dependence - The Key to Success!
      Whether you are just getting started doing business on theInternet, or are a seasoned professional, there is one aspect ofInternet Business that will always stay at the top of the"Essential Skills" list!
      Let me show you how.
      First of all, even if you ARE considered a pro in this industry,you'd better not get too comfortable with that title. Theinternet is growing and changing so quickly, that what you arean expert at today, may pr。。。
    7Gail Hornback V12 Years AgoGail Hornback
  • Aleta Wells
    How To Shop In Order To Find the Best Mineral Make-up
      With all of the hype surrounding Mineral powder make-up thesedays, how can a consumer steer through the murkey waters ofadvertising claims, in order to find the best mineral make-upfor their skin type?
      First, check the ingredients. If you find bismuth oxychloride,dyes, vitamin additives, corn starch (zea mays), or rice powderlisted, find another brand, which avoids these commonlyirritating and bacteria producing 。。。
    2Aleta Wells V12 Years AgoAleta Wells
  • Robert Nixon
    Problems people have with internet business
      Problems people have with internet business
      The problems most have when creating and establishing theirpresence on the world wide web are:
      1. Thinking they can achieve high income with little or noinvestment in a short time- Somehow this myth is still believedeven today. It is propagated by scam artist that tell you theygot X amount of dollars just by。。。
    13Robert Nixon V12 Years AgoRobert Nixon
  • Toni Coleman LCSW
    Ten Great Holiday Dates For Singles
      Ten great holiday dates for singles
      Dating during the holiday season can be a special treat. Ofcourse, in order to fully experience this you may need tore-order some priorities and make time for yourself and your ownpersonal needs. Don't give in。。。
    6Toni Coleman LCSW V12 Years AgoToni Coleman LCSW
  • Rev Michael Bresciani
    7 Sure Fire Ways To Overcome Stage Fright When Speaking OrPerforming
      In thirty years of speaking and performing I have heard justabout every solution for overcoming stage fright. Some havesuggested trying to envision your audience all being naked.Others have advised that you just pick one point of focus in theroom such as one person抯 forehead and concentrate only on that.These ideas alm。。。